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To Our Valued Clients - Coronavirus Update

Dear Clients of the FDV Global family of brands,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for your loyalty and support over the years! We are so grateful for how far this company has come since we started. Amid uncertainty, we want you to know that we have your back. We are monitoring the ever changing news regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. We understand that your vacation is an investment, and right now you may be concerned about your investment. As we watch the developments, here is what we know:

Regarding your upcoming cruise The State department and the CDC has issued a cruise warning to guests with compromised immune systems and those who are not in an overall state of well being. As we have ALWAYS stated long before this pandemic, if you are feeling unwell, please do not cruise. This is for your benefit as well as the benefit to the thousands of guests you will be in contact with. We know that the major cruise lines are taking extreme precautions. No one will be allowed to board if their body temperature is 100.4 or higher. This is the first level of defense, and we applaud them for taking measures to protect you. We DON’T know how long this will last. No one does. However, we will not stop monitoring the situation on your behalf. Cruise lines have issued temporary policies that may help protect you in the event that you do not feel comfortable to sail. Now, this is in place for sailings that take place in the next few weeks. We cannot speak to what policies may be in place beyond that. Obviously, we are optimistic that there will be a decline in the spread of this.

Times like this, we want you to know we are your ADVOCATE. Please reach out to your advisor to discuss what options you may have if you are on the fence to travel. Beyond cruising

Contrary to articles swimming around for “click bait” Disney Parks and Resorts in the US are NOT closed and are not experiencing quarantine at this time. I just returned from Disneyland in Anaheim and I can say, business is booming as usual over there. However, we know that this could change, and we will pay very close attention to alerts and notify you accordingly.

International travel – We know that your choice to plan a vacation outside of the United States was not a small one. We know what goes into planning that bucket list trip to Europe or Asia! If you are still booked in the next six weeks and have concerns, PLEASE reach out to your advisor or me directly as there are a multitude of travel warnings and policies in place in many of these countries. We will help navigate through it with you so that you may make the best decision for you and your traveling party. Domestic travel seems to be business as usual with a more precautions regarding self-sanitation. If you are among those who are still confident in traveling domestically, check out your advisor’s business page as we are seeing some price breaks taking place.

Please keep in mind that your advisor is slammed with questions, cancellations, processing insurance for their clients. I personally want to make sure you are being given the best service possible. If you have questions or concerns beyond what your advisor is assisting with, feel free to email me directly and I will return your message as soon as possible. Thank you again for your support.

Brieanna Stamper, Owner FDV Global, LLC

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